Geneva Lakes Family YMCA
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PARENT/CHILD:  Ages 6 – 36 Months

Focuses on water adjustment, safety & basic swim skills with fun music & games. Parent/guardian participation required.


PERCH with PARENT: Ages 2½ - 3½ Yrs. 

Designed for children who aren’t quite ready to swim without a parent.  Incorporates parental participation while working toward independent swimming. 


PIKE 1:  Ages 3 - 5

Children learn to submerge head, flutter kick, & reach & pull with float belt.

PIKE 2:  Ages 3 - 5

For children who are comfortable in the water & can completely submerge head. Learn to coordinate arms & legs with face in water with float belt.


EEL:  Ages 3 - 5

Learn front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl, sidestroke & elementary backstroke. Introduction to the lap pool.


RAY:  Ages 3 - 5

Refine front & back crawls, sidestroke, elementary backstroke. Classes are held in the lap pool & activity pool.


GUPPY:  Ages 6-12

Learn to swim, with & without floatation, 25 yards back crawl, front crawl with rotary breathing & backstroke; 25 yards sidestroke with float belt. Intro to breaststroke & treading water.


MINNOW:  Ages 6-12
Learn to swim 25 yards back crawl, front crawl with rotary breathing & sidestroke; 50 yards elementary backstroke.  Intro to the butterfly kick.


FISH:  Ages 6-12
Learn to swim 50 yards each of front/back crawls, sidestroke & elementary backstroke. Learn breaststroke & butterfly. Intro to open turns & diving.


CHALLENGER - Stroke Clinic

For swimmers ages 6-12 desiring to refine stroke techniques, build endurance & learn the basics of competitive swimming. Coached by experienced competitive swimmers.  A great bridge from lessons to swim team! 


Classes Meet 2 Times per Week

3-Week Sessions

Mondays & Wednesdays                   


(A)  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

      June 16th - July 10th   


(B)  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

      July 14- August 6th